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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Burns and Burn Injury Q 96

Which finding indicates to the nurse that a client with a burn injury has a positive perception of his appearance?
    A. Allowing family members to change his dressings
    B. Discussing future surgical reconstruction
    C. Performing his own morning care
    D. Wearing the pressure dressings as ordered

Correct Answer: C. Performing his own morning care

Indicators that the client with a burn injury has a positive perception of his appearance include the willingness to touch the affected body part. Self-care activities such as morning care foster feelings of self-worth, which are closely linked to body image.

Option A: Encourage the patient and SO to view wounds and assist with care as appropriate. This promotes acceptance of the reality of injury and of change in body and image of self as different.
Option B: Discussing future reconstruction would not indicate a positive perception of appearance. Assist the patient to identify the extent of actual change in appearance and body function. This helps begin the process of looking to the future and how life will be different.
Option D: Wearing the dressing will assist in decreasing complications, but will not increase self-perception. However, give positive reinforcement of progress and encourage endeavors toward attainment of rehabilitation goals. Words of encouragement can support the development of positive coping behaviors.

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