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Thursday, 31 March 2022

Burns and Burn Injury Q 25

A 12-year-old male with facial burns asks the nurse if he will ever look the same. Which response is best for the nurse to provide?
    A. "With reconstructive surgery, you can look the same."
    B. "We can remove the scars with the use of a pressure dressing."
    C. "You will not look exactly the same."
    D. "You shouldn't start worrying about your appearance right now."

Correct Answer: C. “You will not look exactly the same.”

Many clients have unrealistic expectations of reconstructive surgery and envision an appearance identical or equal in quality to the preburn state. Denial may be prolonged and be an adaptive mechanism because the patient is not ready to cope with personal problems.

Option A: Be realistic and positive during treatments, in health teaching, and in setting goals within limitations. This enhances trust and rapport between patient and nurse.
Option B: Pressure dressings prevent further scarring. They cannot remove scars. The client and family should be taught the expected cosmetic outcomes. Provide hope within the parameters of the individual situation; do not give false reassurance. This promotes a positive attitude and provides opportunities to set goals and plan for the future based on reality.
Option D: Acknowledge and accept the expression of feelings of frustration, dependency, anger, grief, and hostility. Note withdrawn behavior and use of denial. Acceptance of these feelings as a normal response to what has occurred facilitates resolution. It is not helpful or possible to push the patient before he is ready to deal with the situation.

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