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Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Urinary Disorders Q 52

What is the priority nursing diagnosis with your patient diagnosed with end-stage renal disease?
    A. Activity intolerance
    B. Fluid volume excess
    C. Knowledge deficit
    D. Pain

Correct Answer: B. Fluid volume excess

Fluid volume excess because the kidneys aren’t removing fluid and wastes. The other diagnoses may apply, but they don’t take priority. Renal disorder impairs glomerular filtration that results in fluid overload. With fluid volume excess, hydrostatic pressure is higher than the usual pushing excess fluids into the interstitial spaces.

Option A: Schedule care and provide rest periods following an activity; allow the client to set own limits in the amount of exertion tolerated. Promotes autonomy and control of situations as the presence of a chronic disease may encourage independence.
Option C: Review disease process and prognosis and future expectations. Provides a knowledge base from which the patient can make informed choices. If fluid overload is present, diuretic therapy or dialysis will be part of the regimen.
Option D: Perform a comprehensive assessment of pain (location, onset, characteristics, and frequency) to be able to compare changes from previous reports to rule out worsening of underlying condition/developing complications.

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