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Wednesday 20 April 2022

Pneumonia Q 51

When auscultating the chest of a client with pneumonia, the nurse would expect to hear which of the following sounds over areas of consolidation?
     A. Bronchial
     B. Bronchovesicular
     C. Tubular
     D. Vesicular

Correct Answer: A. Bronchial

Chest auscultation reveals bronchial breath sounds over areas of consolidation. When bronchial sounds are heard in areas distant from where they normally occur, the patient may have consolidation (as occurs with pneumonia) or compression of the lung. These conditions cause the lung tissue to be dense.

Option B: Bronchovesicular is normal over mid lobe lung regions. Bronchovesicular sounds can be heard during inspiration and expiration and have a mid-range pitch and intensity. They are commonly heard over the upper third of the anterior chest.
Option C: Tubular sounds are commonly heard over large airways. Bronchial sounds (also called tubular sounds) normally arise from the tracheobronchial tree and vesicular sounds normally arise from the finer lung parenchyma. Loud, harsh, and high-pitched bronchial sounds are typically heard over the trachea or at the right apex.
Option D: Vesicular breath sounds are commonly heard in the bases of the lung fields. Vesicular breath sounds are soft, low-pitched, predominantly inspiratory, and appreciated especially well at the posterior lung bases.

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