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Thursday 21 April 2022

Pneumonia Q 21

A client diagnosed with active TB would be hospitalized primarily for which of the following reasons?
     A. To evaluate his condition.
     B. To determine his compliance.
     C. To prevent spread of the disease.
     D. To determine the need for antibiotic therapy.

Correct Answer: C. To prevent spread of the disease

The client with active TB is highly contagious until three consecutive sputum cultures are negative, so he’s put in respiratory isolation in the hospital. Review the necessity of infection control measures. Put in temporary respiratory isolation if indicated. May help the patient understand the need for protecting others while acknowledging the patient’s sense of isolation and social stigma associated with communicable diseases. AFB can pass through standard masks; therefore, particulate respirators are required.

Option A: Identify others at risk like household members, close associates and friends. Those exposed may require a course of drug therapy to prevent spread or development of infection.
Option B: Stress importance of uninterrupted drug therapy. Evaluate a patient’s potential for cooperation. Compliance with multidrug regimens for prolonged periods is difficult, so directly observed therapy (DOT) should be considered.
Option D: Initial therapy of uncomplicated pulmonary disease usually includes four drugs, e.g., four primary drugs or combination of primary and secondary drugs. Review importance of follow-up and periodic reculturing of sputum for the duration of therapy.

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