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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Pneumonia Q 10

A nurse is teaching a client with TB about dietary elements that should be increased in the diet. The nurse suggests that the client increase intake of:
     A. Meats and citrus fruits
     B. Grains and broccoli
     C. Eggs and spinach
     D. Potatoes and fish

Correct Answer: A. Meats and citrus fruits

The nurse teaches the client with TB to increase intake of protein, iron, and vitamin C. Encourage small, frequent meals with foods high in protein and carbohydrates. Maximizes nutrient intake without undue fatigue/energy expenditure from eating large meals, and reduces gastric irritation.

Option B: Oils & fats are a source of energy. In terms of oil, soybean oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil, are all acceptable. Nuts like groundnuts are good sources of energy and protein and can be taken as snacks in either fried or roasted form. Groundnuts are equivalent in nutritional terms to more expensive nuts like almonds, cashews.
Option C: The daily consumption of milk and milk products is also beneficial. In the case of non-vegetarians, consumption of eggs on a daily basis can provide the same benefit as meat and fish at a lower cost.
Option D: Proteins can be of animal origin like milk, eggs, meat, and fish or of plant origin as in cereals & pulses. For vegetarians, a combination of cereals & pulses can give a quantity of protein equivalent to that of animal proteins.

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