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Tuesday 19 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 51

During the acute stage of meningitis, a 3-year-old child is restless and irritable. Which of the following would be most appropriate to institute?
     A. Limiting conversation with the child.
     B. Allowing the child to play in the bathtub.
     C. Keeping extraneous noise to a minimum.
     D. Performing treatments quickly.

Correct Answer: C. Keeping extraneous noise to a minimum

A child in the acute stage of meningitis is irritable and hypersensitive to loud noise and light. Therefore, extraneous noise should be minimized and bright lights avoided as much as possible. Maintain a quiet environment and keep the lights dim. Prevents stimulation that can cause or precipitate an episode of convulsion.

Option A: There is no need to limit conversations with the child. However, the nurse should speak in a calm, gentle, reassuring voice. Stay with infant/child and sit near
and speak in a low voice. Provides limited stimulation to the infant/child during an acute stage of disease.
Option B: The child needs gentle and calm bathing. Because of the acuteness of the infection, sponge baths would be more appropriate than tub baths. Provide a quiet environment free from bright lighting, minimize gentle handling and care of the infant/child, allow for rest periods between care or procedures, restrict visiting if irritable.
Option D: Although treatments need to be completed as quickly as possible to prevent overstressing the child, any treatments should be performed carefully and at a pace that avoids sudden movements to prevent startling the child and subsequently increasing intracranial pressure.

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