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Sunday 17 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 145

A client with a C6 spinal injury would most likely have which of the following symptoms?
     A. Aphasia
     B. Hemiparesis
     C. Paraplegia
     D. Tetraplegia

Correct Answer: D. Tetraplegia

Tetraplegia occurs as a result of cervical spine injuries. Cervical injuries lead to the same deficits as thoracic injuries and, also, may result in loss of function of the upper extremities leading to tetraplegia. Injuries above C5 may also cause respiratory compromise due to loss of innervation of the diaphragm.

Option A: Aphasia is an impairment to comprehension or formulation of language caused by damage to the cortical center for language. It can be caused by many different brain diseases and disorders; however, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the most common reason for a person to develop aphasia.
Option B: Hemiparesis is weakness or the inability to move on one side of the body, making it hard to perform everyday activities like eating or dressing. Where the stroke occurred in the brain will determine the location of your weakness. Injury to the left side of the brain, which controls language and speaking, can result in right-sided weakness. Left-sided weakness results from injury to the right side of the brain, which controls nonverbal communication and certain behaviors.
Option C: Paraplegia occurs as a result of injury to the thoracic cord and below. Paraplegia is a form of paralysis that mostly affects the movement of the lower body. People with paraplegia may be unable to voluntarily move their legs, feet, and sometimes their abdomen.

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