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Saturday 2 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 23

In a female client with burns on the legs, which nursing intervention helps prevent contractures?
    A. Applying knee splints.
    B. Elevating the foot of the bed.
    C. Hyperextending the client’s palms.
    D. Performing shoulder range-of-motion exercises.

Correct Answer: A. Applying knee splints.

Applying knee splints prevents leg contractures by holding the joints in a position of function. Maintain proper body alignment with supports or splints, especially for burns over joints. Promotes functional positioning of extremities and prevents contractures, which are more likely over joints.

Option B: Elevating the foot of the bed can’t prevent contractures because this action doesn’t hold the joints in a position of function. Medicate for pain before activity or exercise. Reduces muscle and tissue stiffness and tension, enabling the patient to be more active and facilitating participation.
Option C: Hyperextending a body part for an extended time is inappropriate because it can cause contractures. Incorporate ADLs with physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and nursing care. Combining activities produces improved results by enhancing the effects of each.
Option D: Performing shoulder range-of-motion exercises can prevent contractures in the shoulders, but not in the legs. Perform ROM exercises consistently, initially passive, then active. Prevents progressively tightening scar tissue and contractures; enhances maintenance of muscle and joint functioning and reduces loss of calcium from the bone.

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