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Saturday 16 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 33

The nurse is teaching the client how to perform a colostomy irrigation. To enhance the effectiveness of the irrigation and fecal returns, what measure should the nurse instruct the client to do?
    A. Increase fluid intake.
    B. Reduce the amount of irrigation solution.
    C. Perform the irrigation in the evening.
    D. Place heat on the abdomen.

Correct Answer: A. Increase fluid intake.

To enhance the effectiveness of the irrigation and fecal returns, the client is instructed to increase fluid intake and prevent constipation. A colostomy may make the client more prone to constipation or diarrhea. It’s important to get enough fiber in the diet and drink plenty of water to prevent these problems. Some people experience a small amount of stool leakage between irrigations.

Option B: Fill the irrigating container with about 16 to 50 ounces (500 to 1500 mL) of lukewarm water. The water should not be cold or hot. Ask how much water will be needed to irrigate. Hang the irrigation container so that it is level with the shoulder.
Option C: It is best to perform irrigation at the same time each day. The client may want to try irrigating at the time of day he typically had a bowel movement (before getting the colostomy). Irrigation may be easier after a meal or hot drink.
Option D: Abdominal pain or nausea may occur during irrigation, and may mean that water flow is too fast or the water is too cold. In six to eight weeks, the bowels will typically adjust, and bowel movements will become regular.

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