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Monday 11 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 258

For Rico who has chronic pancreatitis, which nursing intervention would be most helpful?
    A. Allowing liberalized fluid intake
    B. Counseling to stop alcohol consumption
    C. Encouraging daily exercise
    D. Modifying dietary protein

Correct Answer: B. Counseling to stop alcohol consumption.

Chronic pancreatitis typically results from repeated episodes of acute pancreatitis. More than half of chronic pancreatitis cases are associated with alcoholism. Counseling to stop alcohol consumption would be the most helpful for the client. Explore the availability of treatment programs and rehabilitation of chemical dependency if indicated.

Option A: Resume oral intake with clear liquids and advance diet slowly to provide a high-protein, high-carbohydrate diet, when indicated. Oral feedings given too early in the course of illness may exacerbate symptoms. Loss of pancreatic function and reduced insulin production may require the initiation of a diabetic diet.
Option C: Daily exercise would be helpful but not the most beneficial intervention. Review the importance of initially continuing a bland, low-fat diet with frequent small feedings and restricted caffeine, with a gradual resumption of a normal diet within individual tolerance.
Option D: Dietary protein modification is not necessary for chronic pancreatitis. Maintain NPO status and gastric suctioning in the acute phase. Prevents stimulation and release of pancreatic enzymes (secretin), released when chyme and HCl enter the duodenum.

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