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Thursday, 7 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 64

Nurse Robedee is teaching an underweight and emaciated client about the proper methods/techniques when giving insulin. Which one of the following shows a proper technique?
    A. Pinch the skin up and use a 90-degree angle
    B. Use a 45-degree angle with the skin pinched up
    C. Massage the area of injection after injecting the insulin
    D. Warm the skin with a warm towel or washcloth prior to the injection

Correct Answer: A. Pinch the skin up and use a 90-degree angle

The best angle for a thin person is 90 degrees with the skin pinched up. The area is not massaged and it is not necessary to warm it. Injections are made into the subcutaneous tissue. Most individuals are able to lightly grasp a fold of skin, release the pinch, then inject at a 90° angle.

Option B: Thin individuals or children can use short needles or may need to pinch the skin and inject at a 45° angle to avoid intramuscular injection, especially in the thigh area. Routine aspiration (drawing back on the injected syringe to check for blood) is not necessary.
Option C: Particularly with the use of insulin pens, the needle should be embedded within the skin for 5 s after the complete depression of the plunger to ensure complete delivery of the insulin dose. If an injection seems especially painful or if blood or clear fluid is seen after withdrawing the needle, the patient should apply pressure for 5–8 s without rubbing.
Option D: It is unnecessary to warm the skin before injection. The hands and the injection site should be clean. For all insulin preparations, except rapid- and short-acting insulin and insulin glargine, the vial or pen should be gently rolled in the palms of the hands (or shaken gently) to resuspend the insulin.

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