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Friday 8 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 16

Blood sugar is well controlled when Hemoglobin A1C is:
    A. Below 5.7%
    B. Between 12%-15%
    C. Less than 180 mg/dL
    D. Between 90 and 130 mg/dL

Correct Answer: A. Below 5.7%

HbA1c measures the percentage of hemoglobin that is glycated and determines average blood glucose during the 2 to 3 months prior to testing. A1C of 6% to 6.5% is considered prediabetes. Tighter control is shown by levels of HbA1c in the 7% range or lower, were correlated with a 35-76% decrease in microvascular complications, like retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy, in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Option B: Used as a diagnostic tool, A1C levels of 6.5% or higher on two tests indicate diabetes. Anyone with an HbA1c value of 5.7 % to 6.4 % is considered to be prediabetic, while diabetes can be diagnosed with an HbA1c of 6.5% or higher.
Option C: Patients who are at the borderline of these criteria for diabetes are considered prediabetic. The ADA criteria define prediabetes as impaired fasting glucose (IFG) defined as fasting plasma glucose of 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) 2-hour plasma glucose (in OGTT) of 140 mg/dL to 199 mg/dL or A1c of 5.7 to 6.4%.
Option D: Normal plasma glucose levels are defined as under 100 mg/dL during fasting and less than 140 mg/dL 2-hours postprandial. Additionally, glucose levels in healthy individuals can vary with age. Fasting plasma glucose in adults tends to increase with age starting in the third decade of life but does not increase significantly beyond 60 years of age.

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