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Friday 22 April 2022

Comprehensive Respiratory System Disorders Q 54

Which of the following health promotion activities should the nurse include in the discharge teaching plan for a client with asthma?
     A. Incorporate physical exercise as tolerated into the treatment plan.
     B. Monitor peak flow numbers after meals and at bedtime.
     C. Eliminate stressors in the work and home environment.
     D. Use sedatives to ensure uninterrupted sleep at night.

Correct Answer: A. Incorporate physical exercise as tolerated into the treatment plan.

Physical exercise is beneficial and should be incorporated as tolerated into the client’s schedule. Peak flow numbers should be monitored daily, usually in the morning (before taking medication). Encourage breathing exercises and controlled breathing and relaxation. Prevents attack before it begins and increases ventilation.

Option B: Peak flow does not need to be monitored after each meal. Monitor peaked expiratory flow rates and forced expiratory volume as taken by the respiratory therapist. The severity of the exacerbation can be measured objectively by monitoring these values. The peak expiratory flow rate is the maximum flow rate that can be generated during a forced expiratory maneuver with fully inflated lungs.
Option C: Stressors in the client’s life should be modified but cannot be totally eliminated. Instruct folks to modify the home environment to reduce dust, exposure to pets and indoor plants, foods (peanut, egg), changing of filters.
Option D: Although adequate sleep is important, it is not recommended that sedatives be routinely taken to induce sleep. Schedule and provide rest periods in a calm peaceful environment. Promotes adequate rest and decreases stimuli.

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