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Sunday, 24 April 2022

Asthma and COPD Q 9

Exercise has which of the following effects on clients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema?
     A. It enhances cardiovascular fitness.
     B. It improves respiratory muscle strength.
     C. It reduces the number of acute attacks.
     D. It worsens respiratory function and is discouraged.

Correct Answer: A. It enhances cardiovascular fitness.

Exercise can improve cardiovascular fitness and help the client tolerate periods of hypoxia better, perhaps reducing the risk of heart attack. People with long-term lung conditions can help improve their symptoms through regular exercise. It can be tempting to avoid exercise because one may think it will make them breathless, but if the client does less activity he becomes less fit, and daily activities will become even harder.

Option B: Most exercise has little effect on respiratory muscle strength, and these clients can’t tolerate the type of exercise necessary to do this. Intermittent exercises can help deal with shortness of breath. In this case, the client alternates brief exercise, lasting 1–2 minutes, with moments of rest (or slower exercise). This is called interval training.
Option C: Exercise won’t reduce the number of acute attacks. Having asthma should not restrict the ability to exercise or be physically active. If the client feels uncomfortable during or after exercise, he should ask his doctor to investigate whether the management of his condition could be improved. In fact, many athletes have asthma and are able to compete at the highest level when their condition is well-controlled.
Option D: In some instances, exercise may be contraindicated, and the client should check with his physician before starting any exercise program. It is best to ask the guidance of a doctor or physiotherapist before one begins exercising, to ensure that the exercise plans are in line with the body’s capacity and are safe. All exercise programs must be built up over time to allow the body to adapt.

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