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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Fluid & Electrolyte Q 4

The type of fluid used to manipulate fluid shifts among compartments states is:
    A. Whole blood
    B. TPN
    C. Albumin
    D. Ensure

Correct Answer: C. Albumin

Albumin is a colloid that is used to manipulate fluid shifts among compartments. Albumin is also a colloid fluid administered to patients in need of fluid resuscitation, especially in the setting of trauma (i.e. hypovolemic shock) or in the setting of large-volume paracentesis. Strength albumin has over crystalloids is that it leads to an increase in intravascular oncotic pressure. There are some situations in which a patient needs improved oncotic pressure, and this characteristic can be advantageous.

Option A: Whole blood is used to replace blood volume. Whole Blood is the simplest, most common type of blood donation. It’s also the most flexible because it can be transfused in its original form, or used to help multiple people when separated into its specific components of red cells, plasma, and platelets.
Option B: TPN is used for patients who are unable to take in food or fluid. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) supplies all daily nutritional requirements. TPN can be used in the hospital or at home. Because TPN solutions are concentrated and can cause thrombosis of peripheral veins, a central venous catheter is usually required.
Option D: Ensure is a high-calorie nutritional supplement; it is not used to manipulate fluid shifts. It contains well-balanced proportions of macronutrients that conform to guidelines for Dietary Reference Intake and the latest American Heart Association Guidelines for healthy diets.

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