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Wednesday 23 March 2022

Emergency Nursing & Triage Q 18

A nurse is providing discharge instructions to a woman who has been treated for contusions and bruises due to domestic violence. What is the priority intervention for this client?
    A. Arranging transportation to a safe house
    B. Advising the client about contacting the police
    C. Making an appointment to follow up on the injuries
    D. Making a referral to a counselor

Correct Answer: A. Arranging transportation to a safe house.

Safety is a priority for this client and she should not return to a place where violence could recur. Make sure a safe environment is provided. Offer shelter options, legal services, counseling, and facilitate such referral.

Option B: If the patient does not want to go to a shelter, provide telephone numbers for domestic violence or crisis hotlines and support services for potential later use. Provide the patient with instructions but be mindful that written materials may pose a danger once the patient returns home.
Option C: Without proper social service and mental health intervention, all forms of abuse can be recurrent and escalating problems, and the prognosis for recovery is poor. Without treatment, domestic and family violence usually recurs and escalates in both frequency and severity.
Option D: These are important for the long-term management of this case. Health professionals provide an opportunity for victims of domestic violence to obtain help. Of those injured by domestic violence, over 75% continue to experience abuse. Over half of battered women who attempt suicide will try again; often they are successful with the second attempt.

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