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Monday 21 March 2022

EENT and Sleep Disorders Q 92

The nurse is developing a plan of care for the client scheduled for cataract surgery. The nurse documents which more appropriate nursing diagnosis in the plan of care?
     A. Self-care deficit
     B. Imbalanced nutrition
     C. Disturbed sensory perception
     D. Anxiety

Correct Answer: C. Disturbed sensory perception

The most appropriate nursing diagnosis for the client scheduled for cataract surgery is Disturbed sensory perception (visual) related to lens extraction and replacement. Although the other options identify nursing diagnoses that may be appropriate, they are not related specifically to cataract surgery. If surgery is planned, instruct the patient and/or family regarding the procedure, post-procedure care, and the need for follow-up with the physician.

Option A: Instruct about complications and emergency signs and symptoms (flashing lights with loss of vision, seeing a “veil” falling over visual field, loss of vision in a specific portion of the visual field, etc.) of which to notify the physician.
Option B: Ensure the room environment is safe with adequate lighting and furniture moved toward the walls. Remove all rugs, and objects that could be potentially hazardous. Provides a safe environment to reduce the potential for injury.
Option D: Instruct patient and/or family regarding safe lighting. The patient should wear sunglasses to reduce glare. Advise the family to use contrasting bright colors in household furnishings. These techniques help enhance visual discrimination and reduce the potential for injury.

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