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Saturday, 26 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 76

Joseph who had a history of long-term smoking and alcoholism is diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer. He is admitted into the chemo unit for the initiation of chemotherapy. Which of the following tests is performed before the infusion of chemotherapeutic agents?
    A. Complete blood count (CBC)
    B. Peripheral blood smear
    C. Lumbar puncture
    D. Liver function test

Correct Answer: D. Liver function test

Option D: Liver and kidney function studies are done before the initiation of chemotherapy to evaluate the client’s ability to metabolize the chemotherapeutic agents.

Option A: A CBC is performed to assess for anemia and white blood cell count.
Option B: A peripheral blood smear is done to assess the maturity and morphology of red blood cells.
Option C: A lumbar puncture is performed to assess for central nervous system infiltration.

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