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Saturday, 26 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 68

A female client is undergoing tests for multiple myeloma. Diagnostic study findings in multiple myeloma include:
    A. A decreased serum creatinine level
    B. A low serum protein level
    C. Hypocalcemia
    D. Bence Jones protein in the urine

Correct Answer: D. Bence Jones protein in the urine

Option D: Bence-Jones protein is an antibody fragment called a light chain that is not detectable in the urine. A presence of Bence Jones may indicate excess light chain production of a single type of antibody by the bone marrow cells.

Option A: The serum creatinine level may also be increased.
Option B: Serum protein electrophoresis shows elevated globulin spike.
Option C: Serum calcium levels are elevated because calcium is lost from the bone and reabsorbed in the serum.

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