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Saturday 26 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 61

Which of the following complications are three main consequences of leukemia?
    A. Anemia, infection, and bleeding tendencies
    B. Bone deformities, spherocytosis, and infection
    C. Polycythemia, decreased clotting time, and infection
    D. Lymphocytopoiesis, growth delays, and hirsutism

Correct Answer: A. Anemia, infection, and bleeding tendencies

Option A: The three main consequences of leukemia are anemia, caused by decreased erythrocyte production; infection secondary to neutropenia; and bleeding tendencies, from decreased platelet production.

Option B: Bone deformities don’t occur with leukemia although bones may become painful because of the proliferation of cells in the bone marrow. Spherocytosis refers to erythrocytes taking on a spheroid shape and isn’t a feature in leukemia. Mature cells aren’t produced in adequate numbers.
Option C: Anemia, not polycythemia, occurs. Clotting times would be prolonged.
Option D: Hirsutism and growth delay can be a result of large doses of steroids but isn’t common in leukemia.

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