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Sunday, 27 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 32

A hospitalized patient who has received chemotherapy for leukemia develops neutropenia. Which observation by the RN caring for the patient indicates that the nurse should take action?
    A. The patient ambulates several times a day in the room
    B. The patient's visitors bring in some fresh peaches from home
    C. The patient uses soap and shampoo to shower every other day
    D. The patient cleans with a warm washcloth after having a stool

Correct Answer: B. The patient’s visitors bring in some fresh peaches from home

Option B: Fresh, thinned-skin peaches are not permitted in a neutropenic diet because of the risk of bacteria being present.

Option A: The patient should ambulate in the room rather than the hospital hallway to avoid exposure to other patients or visitors.
Option C: Because overuse of soap can dry the skin and increase infection risk, showering every other day is acceptable.
Option D: Careful cleaning after having a bowel movement will help to prevent perineal skin breakdown and infection.

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