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Thursday, 24 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 148

Which of the following represents the most appropriate nursing intervention for a client with pruritus caused by cancer or the treatments?
    A. Silk sheets
    B. Steroids
    C. Medicated cool baths
    D. Administration of antihistamines

Correct Answer: C. Medicated cool baths

Option C: Nursing interventions to decrease the discomfort of pruritus include those that prevent vasodilation, decrease anxiety, and maintain skin integrity and hydration. Medicated baths with salicylic acid or colloidal oatmeal can be soothing as a temporary relief.

Option A: Using silk sheets is not a practical intervention for the hospitalized client with pruritus.
Options B and D: The use of antihistamines or topical steroids depends on the cause of pruritus, and these agents should be used with caution.

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