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Thursday 24 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 143

Which information obtained by the nurse about a patient with colon cancer who is scheduled for external radiation therapy to the abdomen indicates a need for patient teaching?
    A. The patient showers with unscented mild soap daily
    B. The patient eats frequently during the day
    C. The patient swims a mile 5 days a week
    D. The patient has a history of dental caries

Correct Answer: C. The patient swims a mile 5 days a week

Option C: The patient is instructed to avoid swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools during the treatment period to prevent a skin reaction.

Options A and B: The patient does not need to change the habits of eating frequently or showering with a mild soap.
Option D: A history of dental caries will not impact the patient who is scheduled for abdominal radiation.

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