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Sunday, 27 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 14

A male client undergoes a laryngectomy to treat laryngeal cancer. When teaching the client how to care for the neck stoma, the nurse should include which instruction?
    A. “Keep the stoma dry.”
    B. “Keep the stoma moist.”
    C.“Keep the stoma uncovered.”
    D. “Have a family member perform stoma care initially until you get used to the procedure.”

Correct Answer: B. “Keep the stoma moist.”

Option B: The nurse should instruct the client to keep the stoma moist, such as by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the edges, because a dry stoma may become irritated.

Option A: Moisture is needed by the stoma to keep the airway moist. The skin around the stoma is kept clean and dry instead.
Option C: The nurse should recommend placing a stoma bib over the stoma to filter and warm air before it enters the stoma.
Option D: The client should begin performing stoma care without assistance as soon as possible to gain independence in self-care activities.

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