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Friday 25 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 138

The nurse is teaching a 17-year old client and the client’s family about what to expect with high-dose chemotherapy and the effects of neutropenia. What should the nurse teach as the most reliable early indicator of infection in a neutropenic client?
    A. Dyspnea
    B. Fever
    C. Tachycardia
    D. Chills

Correct Answer: B. Fever

Option B: A patient with neutropenia has a decreased number of neutrophils. These cells are responsible for fighting off bacteria once they enter the body. A complication of neutropenia is infection. An early sign is a fever that requires clinical intervention to identify potential causes.

Options A and D: Chills and dyspnea may or may not be observed.
Option C: Tachycardia can be an indicator in a variety of clinical situations when associated with infection; it usually occurs in response to an elevated temperature or change in cardiac function.

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