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Friday, 25 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 127

Nurse Cindy is caring for a client who has undergone a vaginal hysterectomy. The nurse avoids which of the following in the care of this client?
    A. Removal of antiembolism stockings twice daily
    B. Checking placement of pneumatic compression boots
    C. Elevating the knee gatch on the bed
    D. Assisting with range-of-motion leg exercises

Correct Answer: C. Elevating the knee gatch on the bed

Option C: The nurse should avoid using the knee gatch in the bed, which inhibits venous return, thus placing the client more at risk for deep vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis.

Options A, B, and D: The client is at risk of deep vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis after this surgery, as for any other major surgery. For this reason, the nurse implements measures that will prevent this complication. Range-of-motion exercises, anti-embolism stockings, and pneumatic compression boots are helpful.

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