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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Burns and Burn Injury Q 70

How will the nurse position a client with a burn wound to the posterior neck to prevent contractures?
    A. Have the client turn the head from side to side.
    B. Keep the client in a supine position without the use of pillows.
    C. Keep the client in a semi-Fowler's position with her or his arms elevated.
    D. Place a towel roll under the client's neck or shoulder.

Correct Answer: A. Have the client turn the head from side to side.

Deformities and contractures can often be prevented by proper positioning. Maintaining proper body alignment when the patient is in bed is vital. The function that would be disrupted by a contracture to the posterior neck is flexion. Moving the head from side to side prevents such a loss of flexion. This movement is what would prevent contractures from occurring.

Option B: The client should not only be in a supine position but there should be a movement to avoid contractures. Splinting and proper positioning will also help achieve the prevention of contractures. As a matter of importance, movement should be incorporated into the patient’s daily routine from their inception to the hospital.
Option C: The burns are in the client’s posterior neck. Performing active or passive range of motion (ROM) exercises, depending on the patient’s level of consciousness is crucial in the prevention of these complications.
Option D: Placing a towel roll under the neck might not help prevent contractures. Immobilization is only allowed when a part of the body has just been grafted. Even then, the area must be kept in an antideformity position.

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