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Thursday 31 March 2022

Burns and Burn Injury Q 39

Which statement by the client indicates a correct understanding of rehabilitation after burn injury?
    A. “I will never be fully recovered from the burn.”
    B. “I am considered fully recovered when all the wounds are closed.”
    C. “I will be fully recovered when I am able to perform all the activities I did before my injury.”
    D. “I will be fully recovered when I achieve the highest possible level of functioning that I can.”

Correct Answer: D. “I will be fully recovered when I achieve the highest possible level of functioning that I can.”

Although a return to pre-burn functional levels is rarely possible, burned clients are considered fully recovered or rehabilitated when they have achieved their highest possible level of physical, social, and emotional functioning. The technical rehabilitative phase of rehabilitation begins with wound closure and ends when the client returns to her or his highest possible level of functioning.

Option A: Rehabilitation of burns patients is a continuum of active therapy starting from admission. There should be no delineation between an ‘acute phase’ and a ‘rehabilitation phase’ as this idea can promote the inequality of secondary disjointed scar management and/or functional rehabilitation teams.
Option B: The final stage in caring for a patient with a burn injury is the rehabilitative stage. This stage starts with the closure of the burn and ends when the patient has reached the optimal level of functioning. The focus is on helping the patient return to a normal injury-free life. Helping the patient adjust to the changes the injury has imposed is also a priority.
Option C: Early compliance is essential to ensure the best possible long-term outcome and also to ease pain and assist with exercise regimes. Patients need to adhere to a positioning regime in the early stages of healing and this takes teamwork and dedication.

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